Buffalo Horn Flute sound samples.





Don't expect too much with the following samples. As I have just completed making this instrument and as yet have not really had the chance to sit down and play it properly, the samples are not my best playing by a long shot, it will take a short while to adapt to the curvature of the horn and the finger placement.

This particular Horn Flute is primarily in the key of Eb minor with a pentatonic tuning as most American Indian Flutes are tuned in, but through accident more than good judgement I have come across a way of making it play in two different keys.  This flute has the ability to play in Eb and also in F#.

When playing this flute in the fundamental of Eb, there is a buzzing on the fundamental and the 2nd hole, not sure if this is a good thing or not, time will tell as to how well I manage to incorporate it into the music and as to whether or not I can eliminate it or add it through the use of breath control.

Below are 2 samples, one is the flute being played in its primary key of Eb and the other is of it being played in its second key of F#. The "Wah Wah" effect you will hear in the F# sample has not been produced by bending the sound over the finger hole but by playing between the Eb and F# keys.


Eb Sample         F# Sample


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